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Bulky and Metallic Waste Collections

Bulky and Metallic CollectionGSWA customers are now able to request collection service of appliances, mattresses, hot water heaters and other bulky and metallic waste by calling GSWA’s customer service center to make an appointment (671-646-3111).

The GSWA provides two (2) free collections a year to customers in good standing. Customers requesting collection service are given a day for collection of up to five (5) items, which must be placed at the curb. Collection crews cannot move bulky and metallic items to the curb on private property.

For additional collections beyond the two free collections per year, GSWA invoices the customer for $25.00 per pickup. The materials collected in this program are recycled to the extent practical.

Two (2) collections a year for free

Up to 5 items will be collected at a time

Additional collections are $25.00 each

Up to 5 items will be collected at a time

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