Hauler Transfer Station

Commercial haulers and large generators who self-haul must contact the GSWA to set up a commercial account before entering the Hauler Transfer Station. The Hauler Transfer Station is open six days a week, Monday through Saturday, opening at 4:30 A.M. each morning and closing at 2 P.M. Monday through Friday and at Noon on Saturday. 

GSWA employees operate the scales at the Hauler Transfer Station while a private operator manages the facility. A customer will drive onto the scales, a GSWA employee will look up the customer’s account, weigh the truck, and provide the customer with a dump ticket. 

An initial tare weight shall be obtained on each vehicle disposing of Acceptable Waste at the Hauler Transfer Station for the first time. Such tare weights will be for specific vehicles and will be provided to the company owning the vehicle. These tare weights will be used to determine the weight of each load. The GSWA shall have the right to determine a new tare weight for each vehicle at anytime. 

If scales are rendered inoperable, GSWA will use its best efforts to quickly correct the problem and reinstate scale operations. During any such period when the scales are not operating, the Hauler shall accept reasonable estimated weight based on historical data.

Once off the scales, the driver will then take his vehicle up to the transfer station where an employee of the private operator’s will ask for the dump ticket and then direct the driver to back into a designated bay and unload the contents onto the tip floor. The private operator will then do a quick search through the material and if any unauthorized material is in the material. If such unauthorized material is found, the material will be put back into the hauler’s truck. After dumping, the hauler then takes his truck back down to the scales to be weighed a second time so as to accurately quantify the amount of material dumped into the facility for disposal. 

Materials allowed into the Hauler Transfer Station are the following:

Acceptable Solid Wastes include:

  • Non-Hazardous Solid Wastes
  • Special Wastes may be acceptable at the Layon Landfill but not at the Hauler-Only Transfer Station. These include:
    1. Treated Infectious Waste
    2. Dead Animals and Offal
    3. Sewage Sludge
    4. Asbestos Waste (prior written approval of Guam EPA is required)
    5. Treated Medical Waste

Special wastes may only be disposed in the Layon Landfill with the approval of the Landfill Operator and by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, contact the Layon Landfill representativel at 671-828-5263.


Excluded Solid Wastes

  • Hazardous Wastes
  • PCB Wastes
  • Industrial Wastes
  • Untreated Infectious/Medical Wastes
  • Liquid Wastes
  • Green Waste (including bulky)
  • Petroleum Contaminated Waste
  • Construction and Demolition Waste
  • Treated Wood Waste
  • Grease Trap Waste
  • Oily Waste
  • Tires
  • Electronic, White Goods/Appliances
  • Recyclable Materials
  • Vehicles and Boats
  • Motor Oil, Paint and Solvents
  • Batteries and Corrosive Waste
  • Radioactive Waste
  • Explosives/Munitions

The ban of materials GSWA placed from coming into Ordot in July 2008 is still in effect for the Hauler Transfer Station. Upon a first and second time infraction, the customer committing the infraction will be warned and informed that upon the third infraction by the same vehicle, that vehicle will be banned for a period of one (1) week from all of the GSWA facilities for disposal. Every additional infraction by each specific vehicle will result in an additional week being added to that vehicle’s exclusion from using GSWA facilities. After a one (1) month period during which a customer’s vehicle, which had previously committed an infraction of delivering banned material, has had no such infraction, the customer’s vehicle shall be considered in good standing and be provided the privilege of starting the process from the beginning with the next infraction being considered as the first, resulting in only a warning.

Customers who use the facility and who through their actions cause damage, spills, or any other action that causes material and labor expense in manners not consistent with the proper and regular use of this transfer station will be financially responsible for those expenses which will be applied to their account. 

To create a commercial account to use this Hauler Transfer Station please click on the following link to download a Registration Form.


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